Clearwater FL: 11-15 Feb 2009.

Quick family visit.  It feels like the nursery and the lake are about the only green space left in the county not plowed up into condos.  A pelican, 4 ospreys (Father says dryly, ‘There are plenty to go around lately.’) A pair of huge white water birds – 3.5′ tall, black legs, straight stabbing beaks.  No idea what any of these things were, since the old family home is fitted out with binoculars but no field guides of any sort.  (My grandfather would roll over in his grave.)

Finished reading Robbing the Bees.  Overflowing with great factoids, but as a whole–never seduced me.  Couldn’t quite shake off being annoyed by the whiff of voyeurism on the part of its big city narrator.   Still–I’d be proud to have written anything so smart: a book about insects that is still on the shelf at a popular bookstore for more than 5 minutes.  Bravo.


2 responses to “Clearwater FL: 11-15 Feb 2009.

  1. Allan J. Zeitlin

    For this you gave up Eddie Bauer?

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