Hives and Haiku

This is a placeholder for Honey Bees, Bee-hives, Holly Bishop’s book Robbing the Bees, and Kathleen Miller–who gave us a tour of her apiary on a warm, sunny Friday afternoon in the first week of 2009.

Note: Ruby the dog ate the bee, my natural history sample; snarfed it right off the coffee table when I wasn’t looking. I’m taking this as a humorous sign that I’m on the right life path/career track. Between Ruby’s ‘I’m going to barf expression’ and Gloria saying, ‘Isn’t a naturalist one of the people who take off their clothes and run around naked?’

Sorry–Janet Browne and Darwin. Over winter break The Power of Place took a temporary back seat. Not the right metaphor is it?! I left Darwin having just gone through a whirlwind love affair with orchids and published a treatise on same. I will eventually copy out that page… I knew as I read it that I was searching for that feeling/ that activity/ that passion myself. “I want to feel like THAT,” I said wiping away little tears.


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