List of titles

Within a two week period, I just went nuts in the book department. At the end of April (try bending your head around this)–I was reading Sand County Almanac and a biography of Aldo Leopold, while accompanying my partner to a 9,500-person educational software conference being held at Disneyland. Struggling with Leopold himself, and the biography, which irked me in bunch of little ways, I put it aside. They are currently gathering dust on my bedside table.

Kerry loaned me In Search of Nature by Edward O. Wilson with illustrator Laura Southworth (1996) many months ago. (A collection of essays.) I re-read the Ant chapter aloud to Gloria the other day. I tried to search the internet to see if I could listen in to debates or responses, but was utterly frustrated. (Couldn’t come up with anything.)

And I’ve slogged my way through a good portion of the Botany chapter of Flanagan’s Version (1988). I checked it out from the peculiar underground Science and Engineering library at UNM. I was completely enthralled by his introductory chapter on Science and Scientists. Need to take notes on it before I have to return it next week.


From the library on San Mateo the other day, I checked out a juicy pile:

The Private Life of Plants by David Attenborough (1995)
Plant Discoveries: A Botanist’s Voyage Through Plant Exploration
by Sandra Knapp and Peter Raven (2003)
Amazing Rare Things by David Attenborough et. al. (2007)
What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love and Marriage by Amy Sutherland. NY: Random House Inc, 2008.


I went on a binge at Page One, an independent bookstore at the far end of town. Bought 1491, Guns Germs and Steel & Collapse by Jared Diamond, The Great Naturalists, Robbing the Bees by Holley Bishop and a used hardcover edition of Every Creeping Thing by Richard Conniff.


Mid-March I ordered these used thru Amazon:

Moo by Jane Smiley.
Quite a Year for Plums
by Bailey White
Prodigal Summer
by Barbara Kingsolver
Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-Birds
by Bernd Heinrich.
Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and Encounters
by Annie Dillard

What was already on the shelf:
Darwin’s Century by Loren Eiseley.
Winter World
by Bernd Heinrich.
The Reluctant Mr. Darwin by Quammen.
A gardener’s introduction to Botany.
Botany Coloring Book (Don’t kid yourself. It is the real deal!)

Kerry Renshaw adores Jared Diamond
And Carolyn Dodson agrees:

  • Guns, Germs and Steel.
  • Collapse.

Carolyn also really liked 1491 – Charles C Mann.

I myself am looking for:

  • Loren Eiseley. Immense Journey (1957)
  • Loren Eiseley. All the Strange Hours
  • Joan Maloof. Teaching the Trees Lessons from the Forest. (Amazon proffered it)
  • The World Without Us. (Heard him on NPR & really liked it)
  • Michael Pollan’s new book – In Defense of Food

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