Questions, questions, questions!

I seem to have a knack for posing what I thought were easy questions. (The god Google has fallen.) I am trying to find an accessible history of Entomology. I have not kept a careful record of where I’ve searched or under which of many potential search terms, but I have yet to come across anything engaging. And I want to know what people think about E.O. Wilson’s sociobiology essays/ speeches (where are they hiding?!).

What is an arboretum? (ditto).

History of Botany
. (yup). All right–I have to be fair. There is a decent site for this:

What is in the bags of commercial potting soil piled on pallets at Home Depot or at one of the local nurseries? (seems like that would be easy, right?!)

Miracle Gro — What’s in your bag there?
And now I’m just trying not to lose bits of things that are puzzling me:
Disneyland, The Wonderful World of Disney, Disney World…
What does Disney have to do with my back yard?
I can’t shake the sense that there are important connections to be made with my back yard. Who I am. And what I see and believe when I gaze out of my own head, leaning against the warm wall at the potted plants and bits of brick patio. Something about my upbringing… my father and grandfather’s business: Webb’s Wholesale Nursery Inc. The groves that were torn down, the huge bonfires. Who my Ag School father was… Why he was so keen on chemicals. (The big Monsanto World of the Future? Or was their exhibit the theater in the round?!) Why technology seemed so shiny and enticing. Better living through science! Big cars. Cheap gas. A boundless future. ?!


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