I’m so clueless…

I have said things.  Many things. Some of them perhaps even well said, but at this moment, when there might be a reasonable place to put the, they hide and refuse to be found.

?! There are haiku.  A tree-full.  And longer pieces–say a page & half.  How many words?  Subliminal fear, I suppose.  That is what chases them to the edges of my consciousness, where they exist but refuse to come out.  Like my shy bully cat.

What does More mean?  i really have to give up and read the directions.


One response to “I’m so clueless…

  1. Not all who wander are lost. Have a good time. Stop being so Type A/ Easy Does It. Let Go and let the Divine flow through you instead of clutching and clawing.

    We see the world not as it is, but as we are. –Talmud

    I have food to eat. Cat friends. Houseplants. A day job. A book to read and a lamp to read it by. A big comfortable bed. Aren’t I SOMEBODY?! So very rich. Muy rico.

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